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Econ 120 Final Study Guide:

Updated May 6: Lenin and Stalin added.

Updated May 5: Veblen and Galbraith added.

Update May 4b: New Material on Hobbes, Locke, Rand, Keynes & Friedman.

Updated May 4: For Colbert, Quesnay and some of Smith, refer to the
                            paper on Physiocracy  (see the link at the bottom of the page).

Make sure you check for updates daily.

For the final exam, based on class discussions and readings,
make sure you thoroughly understand the following subjects:

1- Thomas Hobbes        2- John Locke*          3-J-B Colbert                4- Francois Quesnay*
5- Adam Smith*             6- David Ricardo*     7- ThomasMalthus*     8- Jeremy Bentham*
9- Robert Owen             10- J. S. Mill*            11- Karl Marx*            12- Vladimir Lenin
13- Joseph Stalin*         14- H. Spencer*         15- Stephen Field*       16-Thorstein Veblen
17- Fabian Socialists     15- Ayn Rand             19- J. M. Keynes*       20- J. K. Galbraith*
21- Milton Friedman*

Click on the links above for some data on particular individuals.  All of the
above is subject to revision.   Revisions, if any, will  be noted on the top of
each individual entry.  For some subjects the major info comes from class
discussions and thus might not be on this web site.

Other topics that will be on the final:

1- The New Deal
2- laissez-faire capitalism --> regulated capitalism --> welfare-state capitalism.
3- French Physiocracy

Link to the old study guide for the final