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The distances between the planets are drawn to scale in this
diagram, but the sizes of the planets and the sun are vastly
exagerated because the scale size of the Sun, for example, would
be an almost invisible point of only 0.014 millimeter in
diameter; Jupiter would be 0.00143 mm and the Earth a microscopic
0.00013 mm, that is, about a thousand times smaller than this
period .

On the same scale the distance to nearest star would be 0.25 miles
and the distance to the nearest galaxy (Magellanic cloud) would
be an astonishing 8,000 miles, or in reality, 137 000
light-years. As a comparison: light requires a bit over eight
minutes to travel from the sun to the earth (93 million miles)
and over 5 hours to travel to the outer reaches of Pluto.

One light-year is about 5,900 billion miles in length, or
5,900,000,000,000 miles.